Indian Independence Day Promotion

FAQ about Our Special Indian Independence Day Promotion*

Who is eligible to participate in India Network Foundation's give away? Is this only for Indian Nationals? 

All non-US Citizens (including Indian Passport holders) and their eligible dependents visiting the USA are eligible. One Member in the family must be an active member of India Network Foundation. Insurance coverage can be purchased by any non-US Citizen (i.e., visitors from all countries to the USA are eligible and welcome to take advantage of this coverage).

How long will this promotion last?

August 15, 2018 - August 25, 2018.

How many visitors can I use it for?

Only good for one time use for each unique passport number for new applications.

What is the promo code for this promotion?

INDIA71YEARS. Put this promo code when you fill out enrollment form for any visitor health insurance plan.

Which plans can I buy using this promo code?

Only CHUBB plans.

What does this promotion offer?

This promotion offers 1 month free insurance for India Network Members who purchase a minimum 3 months of visitor insurance. This promotion is up to $500 monthly premium per member.

How do I get insurance coverage?

One can get insurance coverage by completing the following online forms: 1) India Network Membership Form and 2) Insurance Enrollment Form.  You may also download these forms under the "Members Area" link at our website, and fax the completed forms to India Network Services at (408) 520-4967 or mail the two forms with payment to: India Network Services, 7065 Westpointe Blvd, Suite 209 Orlando, FL 32835-8758.

What are the major benefits of having India Network Foundation's Health Insurance* Coverage? 

Health Insurance Coverage from $25,000 up to $1,000,000. We cover all age groups (0-99 years old). We cover Pre-Existing conditions for all ages (0-99 years old) such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and heart disease to name a few.

The Plans are underwritten by highly rated USA Insurance companies such as AIG, CHUBB, and AXIS American Insurance using US standard for claims processing. Cashless Settlement of medical bills with PPO Providers.

CHUBB Plans offer 24 x7 Nurse Line and 24 hour AXA Travel Assistance Services which includes medical Assistance (referral to a doctor or medical specialist, medical monitoring when you are hospitalized,ect), Personal Assistance (pre-trip medical referral information and while you are on a trip: emergency medication, embassy and consular information, etc.), and Travel Assistance (emergency travel arrangements, arrangements for the return of your traveling companion or dependents, and vehicle return).

Accidental Death Benefit, Medical Evacuation, Repatriation come with all plans. A Medical Evacuation means that the insurance company will pay up to the maximum indicated above in the Schedule of Benefits for your medical evacuation in certain cases and more.

Online Health Insurance and Claim forms.

Does the insurance coverage apply all over the United States? 
Yes. The coverage for CHUBB plans applies across the United States, Canada and Mexico too.

Do you have a list of providers in my town? 
No.  You may visit any provider closest to your location (see yellow pages in your phone book). All you have to do is present them with your id card.  Claims may be settled with the provider directly if the provider bills for services or with you (the insured) if you file claim. Claim forms are available under download section of our website.

Terms & Conditions:

This promotion is not a sale, rebate, nor discount on any offered insurance products. This promotion celebrates Indian Independence Day. One month free insurance is only available as a member benefit from the Foundation. One month free insurance capped at $500. Monthly premiums over $500 will be given a credit of $500 at check out after minimum purchase requirement is met. Offer not redeemable for cash. Promotion valid until August 25, 2018. INF reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any time. Offer valid only for India Network members and members' visitors not yet in the United States. Offer limit one per unique passport number.  Offer only applies to CHUBB Policies. Promotion excludes any other insurance products offered by INF. Policies are non-cancelable after purchase. No refunds for any policy purchased. All rights reserved.

How do I contact India Network Services if I am traveling outside the United States? 
In addition to our phone number 408-540-3600 from within the United States, if you are traveling outside countries, you can call using Whatsapp at 408-540-3600 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Additionally, you may send a message directly from our Contact page.

Rev. 8/15/2018